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Little Humble Entrepreneur's

Here is a look at some of our current entrepreneur's 


Nasir's Lemonade

This 6-year-old boy Nasir told his parents, “This summer I’m going to start a lemonade stand business”. His parents called me and ask me how can we make this possible. Soon as I saw he had this ambition in him we put it in motion!
Nasir was our first Little Humble Entrepreneur. Starting in 2022 we brought this little entrepreneur's lemonade stand idea to life with a 2-day pop-up shop. With the pop-up shop came advertisements, merchandise, a logo, and mentorship.

Laila Skye Cosmetics LLC


As a stage 4 Cancer survivor at a very young age, I learned the ins and outs of hospital life early.

Daily dialysis 12hrs a day for 8 years. Both kidneys were removed, blindness in one eye and so many other procedures. My journey might seem extreme but I've never looked like what I was going through. Hospitals made me appreciate the small beautiful things we often overlook.

Image is the last thing doctors are concerned with and rightfully so, but looking good makes you feel good even as a child. Having to deal with tubes, dehydration, and medication, chapped lips are a real issue, so I wanted to create a line that is accessible and safe for those inside and outside the hospital. Our lipgloss is gluten-free, vegan, for sensitive skin, and full of nutrients. Something so small can mean the world to someone going through a storm. My goal is to provide a small rainbow in the SKYE after that storm has passed!


“Confidence is key, but lip gloss helps”

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